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Stonehenge is the 6th most popular paid attractions outside of London in the UK where every year over 1.5m visitors head towards Salisbury to get close to the ancient Stones on a pre-booked, paid tour! Approximately 90 minutes from London, most visitors spend between 45 minutes and 2 hours at the attraction depending on the amount of time they have and so the experiences we have on offer below are a reflection of our different visitor needs. It is really one of life’s must see attractions!

All of our full day sightseeing tour experiences include the support of an experienced guide who will offer you a professional and enjoyable sightseeing experience. Travel on any of our tours in luxury air-conditioned coaches and you can potentially arrange a pick up from your centrally located London Hotel all included along with a professional guide and your stonehenge ticket all included at a discounted price online. You will find different packages with other popular destinations to visit including Windsor Castle, the University City of Oxford and the Roman City of Bath. So you can see as much as possible in a short space of time while visiting London and the UK.

Compare the best Stonehenge tours from London

When you take one of our tours you will be accompanied by an insightful and knowledgeable guide to help you understand all you need to know about Stonehenge and all of the other attractions that will form part of your visit. Below are a collection of the most popular tours available, departing from London and also include other popular attractions along the way, such as the famous Roman Baths or Windsor Castle (to name a few!).

    Stonehenge at sunset

    Take advantage of this express tour that allows you to see Stonehenge in just half a day! With pick you up from Central London we take you direct to the UNESCO monument within the heart of the Salisbury Plain. With... More

    £54*Per person

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    Roman Bath Pumps

    Two of our most popular destinations for tours combined! Spend half a day in the wonderful Roman city of Bath then its the afternoon at the wonder that is Stonehenge! With travel from central London on a luxury coach and... More

    £89*Per person

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Three great reasons to book your tour with us…

Leading Attractions

Not only will you see Stonehenge, but you can also see many other wonderful parts of the UK. Take a trip to Oxford, visit the second oldest University in the world which is considered by many the greatest! How about seeing the Roman Baths and learn why the water is green. Finally, you can visit the favourite home of Queen Elizabeth II and find out why its her favourite.

Professional Guides

When you take a tour with us, you can expect a highly experienced and professional guide to accompany you and to give you a wealth of information to compliment your visit. They are also on hand to answer any questions you have. Our guides really can bring the tour to life for you and as you will see from the reviews really add to the experience.

Enhanced Experiences

All our tours include an audio guide as well as a map. These enable you to really understand the history behind the famous Stones, and it will help you form your own view on how you think they really got there! This combined with your tour guide means you will have a brilliant, informative and inspiring visit.

Why should you book through us?

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider booking through us and in partnership with our brilliant tour partner Evan Evans.

  • 1 Discounts: All our tours are discounted when booking through us.
  • 2 Free WIFI: Travel onboard luxury coaches with WIFI and USB charging onboard.
  • 3 Experienced Guides: Have all your questions answered with professional and experienced tour guides.
  • 4 Entrances Included: Prices include all entrance fees into the main attractions.
  • 5 24 hour Cancellation: Should you need to cancel, as long as you give us 24 hours notice you will get a full refund.

Some of the most frequently asked questions…

Question: Can you just walk up to the Stones?

Answer: Unfortunately no, you cannot just walk up to the stones. You can get within 10 yards on a regular entrance or access tour, however, if you want to get up close and touch the stones you would need to book on one of the early more or late evening private access visits.

Question: What does a Stonehenge ticket get me?

Answer: A ticket gives you access to within 10 yards of the Stones. It also gives you a shuttle bus transport to the Stones which is approx. 1 mile away as well as access to the award winning visitor centre, audio guide and map.

Question: What is a special access visit to Stonehenge?

Answer: A special access visit is one that has to be pre-booked and they happen first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening when all other visitors have left, these tours are smaller, more expensive but mean you can get up close to the stones which you cannot on normal access visits.

Still have more questions? Then visit our FAQ page here.