How To Spend A Day Out At Lincoln Castle

If you are looking for a great day out in London or the UK, this is a great place to spend the day with family seeing this great old Roman Fort.

A bit of History

Lincoln Castle is a very large structure that was made in Lincoln, England. It was built way back in the 11th century, and the master mind behind its construction was the one and only William the Conquer. Previously, the site for the castle had been the home to a Roman fort that had been ruined. The castle is amazing, and unlike most of the castles that are in the UK, down to the fact that it has two mottes. Only one other castle in the UK has this feature, and it is located in Lewes in Sussex. In its heyday, the castle was a prison, a court, and it has preserved very well in comparison to some of the other English castles. In fact, the crown courts are still in use today! The castle is of course open to the public as a museum, and is a fantastic day out for everyone.

When William the Conquer was alive, he was very worried that he was going to lose his power in the north of England because the people were a lot more resistant to his control. They were, in fact, previously under Dane law( from Scandinavian settlers) So, he made the plan to construct as many castles as he could in the north to help to secure his seat as the leader. This was around the time that the king also constructed large castles and infrastructures in Nottingham, York and Warwick. When he was successful to get control of York, William the conqueror moved to Lincoln. Back in the olden days there were only about 6,000-8,000 descendants from the Vikings living in Lincoln. When he found the ruins of an old Roman settlement, he decided that it was time to build Lincoln Castle and make his mark there too.

The Castles Job

The castles job was to guard the main routes of the UK and to become part of the Danish community. He of course kept in mind that the castle would be a prime location to prevent any more people landing from Scandinavia.

In the days of the Battle of Lincoln when the king and empress battled it out over the ruler-ship of the country, the castle played a huge role in protecting Lincoln. One of the towers was, in fact, damaged and a new one was built to replace it. The new part of the castle is called the Lucy tower. Now; the castle is home to the crown courts- a museum and of course, a prime UK tourist location.

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