What To Expect When Visiting The Cotswolds

Located in the west of England, the Cotswold’s are a range of Hills over an area of approximately 25 miles, it is an area that is given the title of “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”, and you only have to be there a short time to realise why. It is an extremely popular area for day tours of the Cotswolds or for people wishing to spend a few days in the region.

What is near there?

The Cotswolds consists of popular cities such as Bath and the stunning town of Cheltenham, you will also be able to visit towns such as Burford and Castle Combe. Burford is one of the most gorgeous medieval small towns in the country and is in the heart of the Cotswolds region. This small town has been running its own market for over 900 years and you will find some of the best luxury goods on offer to you if you visit this stunning little town. Of course when you are in small towns like this you will also get to see the drystone walls that are famous with the Cotswold properties, mostly built in the 18th and 19th centuries it is an amazing feat of building as no cement was actually used to bind the walls together.

What about the history?

If you go back as far as the 13th Century (into the medieval period), the Cotswold’s was famous for its native sheep where their wool was of a very think and high quality and was sold all across Europe. The grand houses you see in the Cotswold’s were built by wealthy traders of wool as they could get such a high price for the excellent standard of wool that they had! Not only were they building these great houses, but they also built wonderful churches and these are still referred to today as “wool churches”.

Places to stay?

There are many fine B&B’s and Pubs where you will be welcome to stay on your visit to the Cotswold’s. All you have to do is to spend a small amount of time looking online, but one we would recommend is the Old Swan and Minster Mill located in the small town of Witney which is set amongst 65 acres of wonderful Cotswold Countryside, this is now a De Savary hotel and is therefore a wonderful place to stay with spa facilities and fabulous bedrooms and dining facilities. You can also ask the hotel to arrange horse riding for you or even fly fishing. This is a wonderful place to spend time in the Cotswold’s both relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.

If you are wishing to see the Cotswold’s then it is located approximately 2 hours by coach from London, if you are driving yourself it can be slightly less than that. You can find organised day tours from London to the Cotswold’s online where you will be escorted by a professional and experienced guide and travel on a luxury coach which can make things a lot easier for those wishing to be helped around and short on time.

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