Facts and figures about London Tours 2012 Olympics

The year 2012 was a huge year for London and the UK, with the Olympics in London we saw a massive increase in visitors to the capital of London and with all these visitors there was a great need for sightseeing tours around London and the UK. But what were the most popular tours in 2012 that we saw? Well we are going to give you information that will help you understand what the visitors who came to London in 2012 wanted to see, and how they spend their time.

What were the top 10 tours for 2012?

The chart below shows the top ten tours as seen by visitors to SightseeingToursLondon.co.uk, as you can see the most popular sightseeing tour by a considerable distance was the Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour and this was closely followed up the Stonehenge Express Tour which takes you to Stonehenge in just an afternoon. It is also interesting to see that many people prefer to take the more expensive Escorted London to Paris Tour where they are accompanied by a tour guide, than the Basic Paris Day Trip which is where they dont have any assistance around Paris but it is a lot less.

Where are these tourists to London from for 2012?

Visitors to London come from all across the world, we have collated the top 10 countries where visitors came from and were interested to find that the USA provides the most visitors who takes tours across London and the UK while the next most popular are actually domestic travelers who take tours across London and the UK.

It will be interesting to see how the visitors change this year to next year, and whether the favourite tours will also change. Does this fit in with where you imagine London Sightseeing Visitors to be from? Are you surprised that the domestic number of tourists is so how compared to visitors from other countries. It is interesting that the top 71% of the visitors are from English speaking countries and it would be interesting to compare this information to that of the Visit Britain Visitor data to see how it mirrors it.

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