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How To Spend A Family Weekend in London

With the recession not easing and families seeing little of each other with parents working and children at school, it is becoming more important that when families do get time together that they spend it well. You don’t need to spend a lot to be able to spend quality time with your family exploring new places and having an enjoyable time for everyone.

London is a great city to visit for the weekend with hotels of all standards and pricing to suit your needs and budget. There is also a wealth of attractions to keep the whole family entertained so you can ensure no one is bored and everyone has fun.

Finding a hotel in London

The key to finding the right hotel in London is making sure you are clear what you need from the outset and what your budget is. The great thing about London is that while a 4 star in central London may set you back over £200 a night, if you step a little outside of the main tourist spots in Central London you can find places of 4 star standard but at half the price.

We would recommend looking in the Paddington and Bayswater area where prices are much lower but from where you can easily walk into the heart of London or taxi a tube ride.  The great thing about being near Paddington is that as a main railway station chances are if you are coming into London from anywhere in the UK you will be coming into Paddington.

What to see in London

There are so many things in London, that you will feel spoilt for choice. One of the main attractions that everyone seems to love in London is the London Eye, it is here that you will be able to get a bird’s-eye view over London and see all that London has to offer. You might also want to see taking this ride in the evening, as in the dark it is also just as spectacular.

One of the most popular family attractions in London is also Buckingham Palace where the Queen of England currently resides. Be warned that for both of these attractions you will want to pre-book to avoid disappointment as they are often full on the day.

Getting about in London

For most families it can be expensive getting taxis around London, so we recommend getting a travel card for the day and using this to travel on all of London’s public transport. Try to travel after 9:30am as this will save money and also the commuter rush which at times can be chaotic and unpleasant but after this time the London Transport System is pretty easy. Of course if you are ever in doubt do not hesitate to ask one of the many workers who are usually on hand to help answer tourists travel questions.

Finally, always travel as a family together – so if one member of your family cannot get on the tube train as it is full then all get off as it can be impossible to find them at the next stop when it is busy.