Inside Roman Baths

Three Must See Places in the City Of Bath

Bath is a stunning city in the South West of England with a rich history and beautiful streets and houses. You wont be disappointed by the array of attractions on offer, and this is backed up by the many tours that take tours from London all throughout the year to see this wonderful but different city. Of course it has hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and camping sites – so it is suitable for all different types of travellers on many different budgets. Many visitors who are heading on their way down to the far South West of England (Devon and Cornwall) will stop at Bath (a close half way point) for a couple of days to really see what is on offer in this wonderful city that doesn’t just revolve around the Roman Baths!

The Roman Baths

Of course everyone who comes to Bath comes to see the famous Roman Baths. Of course over the years there has been a lot of change and there are still some Baths on display in the city which are now preserved as a UNESCO world heritage site. To get to the Baths you need to head off the street and go inside and old looking building and all around you will see Roman landmarks that have been preserved. The baths reside inside a temple that was built in 60CE and there is still the sacred spring and you can visit the old bath house where Romans from many years ago would have gone! The old pump room has since been converted into a cafe, so you can rest with a traditional cup of tea and cake before continuing your adventure around this wonderful city. Dont be fooled either in thinking this bath doesnt still work, under the baths there are still hot springs that send bubbles up. There is also a museum attached which house a lot of Roman artifacts that were found while historians were searchign the area. You definately need to ensure you have a camera on hand to take plenty of pictures.

Jane Austen Centre

If you love Pride and Prejudice then you will definitely want to visit the Jane Austen Centre located in Bath, where Jane lived. The centre is both an information centre taking you through the life and times of Jane, as well as a Museum with interesting bits from Jane’s life. Within the centre is also a cafĂ© where you can actually have a cup of tea with a life-size (pretend of course!) Mr Darcy… the key character from one of her books. You can also have a guide take you round this centre in the clothes that Jane would have worn in her time!

Bath Abbey

Of course, no trip to Bath is complete without a visit to the 7th Century Bath Abbey. Wherever you are in Bath, you will be able to see its towering spire! You will often hear the Bath Abbey Choir rehearsing in there and by closing your eyes you could be back in the 7th century in the same building listening to the same sounds from all those years ago! There’s not many places in the UK you can do that.

With all this on offer in Bath it is no wonder that tours to Bath from London are so popular. Its even greater when you can combine seeing this wonderful city with other brilliant attractions such as Windsor Castle and of course the ancient and mysterious Stonehenge.

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