Stonehenge Close Up

How to see Stonehenge for free

Ever year over a million tourists flock to see Stonehenge and each of them paying for the privilege. Some will take day trips from London to Stonehenge just to see the stones with a private driver and guide, while others will see it as part of a tour of other popular destinations including places such as Windsor, Bath or Oxford. However, you don’t have to take one of these day trips if you cant afford to or don’t actually want a guided tour around it.

What can you do instead to see Stonehenge for free?

Well you could just drive yourself out of London and down onto the A303 out to Stonehenge, you will need to pay for petrol/diesel and the car hire but that will be all. You can then pull up in the car park at Stonehenge and see it from there – its definitely not as amazing as being up close to it but for those unable to afford the entrance fee or who just want to see it and go this will suffice. Of course doing all this will actually work out more expensive that some of the cheap express tours that run at about £29pp from London direct to Stonehenge but if you can borrow a car and someone’s petrol or diesel then great!

What are you missing by doing this?

While you will see the stones from the car park or from the main road passing it by, what you wont get to see or feel is the history behind these huge stones. You really do want to hear the story behind how the stones came to be resting in their current place. How they traveled hundreds of miles with thousands of men helping move them across England to their current resting place.

Will I really save money doing it myself?

Of course if you have your own car then yes, you will save money – and you can download information about Stonehenge for free online to give you the facts about it. The only real problem is that by doing this you aren’t helping funding the upkeep of one of the most famous attractions in the UK and by doing this you could be having a detrimental effect on its future. You also wont be able to get up close and get a real feel for the size of the stones and a real understanding of how impressive that they are there and have been for hundreds of years. You should also be aware that there are a great deal of express tours to Stonehenge available from sightseeing tour companies that pick you up from London and drive you direct there, include a guide and return you back to London all in a couple of hours from just £29 and with prices like that sometimes its better value to do that than the hassle of trying to do it all yourself.