Find our what you should visit Stratford!

You have to take a tour to Stratford from London and you’ll discover just why it is that this town lives up to its reputation and attracts so many visitors each year.

Shakespeare County

Shakespeare’s County as the area is commonly referred to, is unquestionably an exciting place to visit and explore. There is a great array of things to see and do on your sightseeing tour to Stratford. A Visit to Hall’s Croft, the one-time residence of Shakespeare’s daughter is a must. Also popular is Mary Arden’s farm and Anne Hathaway’s cottage and of course, number one on the list of most visitors to the area is Shakespeare’s birthplace, a vital attraction to explore. It has been claimed that Falstaff, the Shakespearean character was based on a William Rogers, an inn keeper in the area, with the Falstaff experience, you can discover and learn more about this interesting character at the site of the inn. Many a visitor head for the Holy Trinity Church where they can view Shakespeare’s grave and pay their respects to the greatest playwright who ever lived.


Even if you are not captivated by Shakespeare’s legacy, there is still a great variety of attractions to discover on a sightseeing tour to Stratford. Stratford Racecourse is one of the country’s principal small racecourses, and steeplechasing has taken place at the course since 1755. Perhaps you’d enjoy exploring the allure of Stratford by foot, by taking a walking tour? Uncover some delicious food and drink at the traditional Farmer’s Market, and browse through Stratford’s quaint and distinctive boutiques and shops on your day tour from London. An enjoyable and relaxing experience is the boat ride on the Avon River where you’ll find it easy to lose yourself in the wonderful sights of Stratford.

Butterfly Farm

Another unique highlight of Stratford and a favourite for all people young and old is the Butterfly Farm, opened to the public in the 1980s. It houses some of the planet’s most stunning and colourful butterflies for you to see and marvel at. Exploring the Caterpillar Room, Arachnoland and Insect City is also a must when visiting the Butterfly Farm but they are certainly not for the faint hearted.


Other places to visit while seeing Stratford

Why not combine your entrancing exploration of Shakespeare’s county with a visit to its surrounding regions? Many sightseeing tours from London to Stratford offer an alluring Oxford, Stratford and Cotswold’s tour, which would certainly make for a truly extraordinary day out. The academic hub of Oxford, famous for its grand university has played host to countless significant cultural and historical figures and it possesses some of the most harmonious and entrancing architecture. You can see where the Harry Potter films were famously filmed at the Christ Church College and there is also a tour dedicated to Harry Potter where you can visit some of the famous sites and locations from the blockbuster hits. The Cotswold’s offer an intense burst of natural beauty and anybody visiting this part of the country should make sure to spend at least a few hours in this area.