A tour of Harrods when visiting London!

“Omnia Omnibus Ubique –All Things for All People, Everywhere”, this is the motto of the icon London Shopping Experience that is…Harrods. It knows how to attract and we will give you an overview of why it is one of the leading London tour attractions. An upmarket designer department store in Knightsbridge, which attracts wealth and royalty and was known to be a favourite of the late Princess Diana, lives up to its name and long history in the lavish retail world. Although Harrods can be notoriously expensive, it is synonymous with high-class service and dedication that you’ll find in no other. This brilliant superstore is the flagship store and with its success, smaller branches carrying the same quality and esteem have popped up in a number of other places.

It’s not just the magnitude of shopping that draws visitors; it is also the sheer monstrosity and architecture of the building that attracts many curious people from near and far to catch a glimpse of the famous shopping centre. Designed by C.W. Stevens and built between 1901 and 1905, this grandiose building oozes exuberance from its baroque style. Harrods has to be one of the most beautiful and elegant buildings that London has to offer on this scale. With large plate-glass panes, cornice bands, ionic pilasters, intricate awnings and octagonal dome there is no surprise that it’s found on the English Heritage list of iconic buildings. You should try a Christmas tour of London and see Harrods, they puts on the most spectacular light display with a huge imposing tree with real-life carollers singing at the front entrance – it is perhaps the most exquisitely decorated building during the festive period.

What is more curious is Harrods humble beginnings. The story dates back to 1849 with Charles Henry Harrod who had opened a surprisingly small store in the Knightsbridge area. He was already an established grocer and saw the niche in the market with the rise of new money and opulence. The rich noticed Harrods’s unique ability to satisfy and deliver. Hunting high and low, he’d personally search for the finest items they desired. Having key connections to the tea trade his business literally boomed overnight and thus turned into the magnificent megastore it has become today. It is also believed A.A. Milne, the esteemed children’s author once bought a plush teddy bear from the shop which later inspired his award winning series of Winnie the Pooh.

With over 12,000 staff working at Harrods full-time, the customer is given the best personal service possible. With its own ladies in waiting, these remarkable shop assistants will personally shop with you until you find the perfect ensemble. Every luxury item conceivable can be found under the high ceilings of the 7-storey building with 330 separate departments specialising in clothes, footwear, jewellery, soaps, teas, chocolates, clocks, toys, biscuits, essential fragranced oils – you name it and you can find it in Harrods.

Whether you want to shop or not, this opulent department store is first class and deserves the recognition. Take a walk through the Chelsea district, take some photos, browse the shops and if you so dare take out your credit cards and shop till you drop!