Some great Bed and Breakfasts to stay in

This is coming soon... we are going to bring you some great bed and breakfasts across London and the UK.

Useful links for traveling around Europe

Venice Hotels
This site offers links to hotels in Italy, apartments, bed and breakfast, inns. Reservations directly to Venice hotels owners.

Exclusive Airports
The taxi service to some of the best and most exclusive airports in the UK

Final Destinations - Summer and Winter Holidays
Final Destinations - For Holidays in the Sun, Winter Holidays, Flights, Cruises, Car Hire, hotels and more.

Athens Info Guide - The most complete and accurate information site about Athens, Greece. Everything you ever wanted to know about Athens... and more!

Other interesting links we have found

StarDisc is a 21st century stone circle and celestial amphitheatre created by Aidan Shingler. It spans 12 meters (40 ft). Carved into black granite is a star chart that mirrors the northern hemisphere’s night sky. The surface of the stone circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names, and a depiction of the Milky Way. Contrasting with the star chart is a perimeter of silver granite on which 12 stone seats are positioned; the seats denote the months of the year. Dark skies sensitive lighting illuminates StarDsic powered by our nearest star the Sun.