London Underground

Visiting London On A Budget

There are a great many cities in the world which offer tourists an excellent short break option, but it seems a shame when some destinations are regarded as too expensive for many to visit. Many of the most popular city locations are, it has to be said, relatively expensive, but it should be pointed out that there are ways to savour such a trip without having to pay a small fortune.

London is one of the most popular cities on the planet, thanks to a wonderful collection of landmarks, a fascinating heritage and some of the most familiar tourist attractions to be found anywhere. If you ask most overseas visitors about their vacation experience, the chances are they will comment about the rather high prices that can be found there, but there are savings that can be made. Here are four tips to help you remain within budget.

Shop around for the best deals

The process of saving money on your trip to London starts long before you first set foot in the UK. There are websites which will help you to find reduced prices on everything from West End theatre tickets, entrance to many of the major attractions, restaurant meals and even vehicle rentals. Sites such as 121 Car Hire can help you to save a small fortune, so be sure to log on before you fly and find great deals for your sightseeing tours around London.

Avoid the high end stores

Many visitors to the UK’s capital will know it’s home to some of the swankiest fashion stores in Europe, and will no doubt want to enjoy a little retail therapy while they’re in town. Many of these establishments are extremely expensive, however, and are unlikely to appeal to those tourists who are on a budget. There are plenty of cheaper stores across the city, so make sure you find out in advance where they are likely to be located.

Travel in style…underground

The streets of central London are often congested and difficult to negotiate, so in most cases it’s best to use public transport to get from A to B. The famous black taxis are extremely useful, but they are also rather expensive, and the familiar red buses, though affordable, are often a little slow. The best way to travel in London is via the underground, and the good news is that travel cards (known locally as Oyster cards) are inexpensive and convenient.

Be flexible at dinner time

London is home to a number of exclusive – and extremely costly – restaurants which offer fine dining and a selection of cuisine from all over the globe. If you’re on a budget, you should be avoiding these places at all costs, and it’s reassuring to know there are dining establishments in all parts of the city offering excellent meals at affordable prices. If you’re happy to avoid the peak dining hours, you will be able to find special offers at a number of eateries, so make sure you’re prepared to be flexible.