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What to Do When it Rains In London

So, you find yourself in the heart of London, on a holiday where you plan to sight see and take in all you can of the UK capital. One problem that you did not plan on happening, the rain! Yes, many travel agents might not have told you that in the UK when it rains it pours. So, when you find yourself needing to reach out for your umbrella and snap on your Wellington boots, where can you go to spend time indoors and avoid getting soaking wet through? This article will provide you with a few solutions to keep the holiday spirit pumping even though the weather is pouring cats and dogs!

Places to see

You can pay a visit to the Grant museum of Zoology. This museum is not one for the light hearted to visit. You will be able to find things like pickled moles and very weird things that make most people’s stomachs turn. Make sure you go on an empty stomach otherwise you may cause your very own puke rain inside the museum!

The Tate modern art gallery, now if you like to avoid the rain inside places like art galleries, then this is for you. You will be able to venture around indoors rain free and look at pictures and art work that will have your artistic side set alight.

The national history museum, it actually does not cost you a penny to enter inside the museum. There is a lot to see and do and for those that like the prehistoric era, it’s great as there are a lot of dinosaurs featured in showcases.

If you want to learn about Brits, then take a trip to the British museum. It is a great place to tickle your knowledge and scrub up on British history. Inside there are Egyptian mummies, Aztec artwork and an Assyrian exhibition too.

If all else fails… go shopping!

And if any of these options do not appeal to you, you can always go and spend a penny in Harrods! Well quite literally Harrod’s store is so large that you will be able to spend the whole day inside. To relive yourself in the loo they charge around 1GBP, and you can pee in luxury! There is Harrod’s memorial with Knightsbridge London patterned all over it, and you will be able to snap up some gifts. If designer shopping is not your thing, you can still look around and perhaps bag a cake from their bakery!

All in all, do not be put off by the rain, London has heaps of things to see and do and you can be sure to find some great day tours across London which will keep you out of the rain and help you to see London in the warm and dry.

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