Things To See When Visiting Dover

If you are planning a trip to Dover like the many people before you, then you will have to plan your time wisely because Dover, UK has so much to see and do! Aside from being a popular port of call for those that are about to make their trip to France on board the famous Dover to Cali’s crossing, Dover has many other attractions too and you can also spend the day seeing it while visiting other places in the UK such as Leeds Castle and Canterbury Cathedral.

The White Cliffs

You will be able to take a stroll over the tops of the white cliffs of Dover, and check out the views over the English Channel. You will get to see boats, fishermen at sea and the many ferries that set off from Dover to Cali’s. Dover is a prime; location for those that want to sail to France and therefore, is always very busy. Many a boot legger has crossed to get a cheap bargain on booze and cigarettes from the duty free crossing.

Dover Museum

You will be able to take a trip to visit the Dover Museum, where you can see a famous bronze aged boat. It is one of the only bronze aged boat that is still intact in the whole of the UK!
If you like shopping, the you can head on to the De Bradelej Wharf of Dover to indulge in some shopping delights. Stopping off at the nearby sea side stroll known as the Samhire Hoe, it is a piece of land that has been made from chalk and marl that was created when the channel tunnel was built. The chalk was founded from the piece of dirt that were dug up to make the underground railway tunnel.

Steam Trains

There is a lovely little lighthouse in Dover. It is called the South Foreland Lighthouse, and it was used over a hundred years ago by the famous Guiglielmo Marconi as he conducted very successful wireless experiments that played a huge part in history. If you love to ride on trains, then you can jump aboard the famous steam train railway train and set off on a four-mile ride around the East Kent countryside.

Dover will have you kept busy and entertained. You will also be able to find out more upon your arrival for like every successful UK tourist destination- Dover has a visitors centre that can offer you more info when you get there! You will be able to pick up stacks of leaflets that will guide you on your Dover trip. Of course for those that want to be helped around you can take some great day trips from London that will take you on a guided tour of Dover and Leeds Castle and Canterbury Cathedral and this includes hotel pick up, all your entrance fees and a professional tour guide on a luxury coach and all in one day. However you plan on visiting Dover, it will be worth it!

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